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    The best front office training in practice management is here! Make this part of your onboarding NOW!​

    It All Starts Here: Front Office Mastery is an on-demand 3-hour training for your front office and any customer service role. Your trainees will see interviews with real front office workers presenting real stories and hard-won lessons. Often funny and sometimes emotional, the course will give your team members confidence about their role in patients’ lives and in the revenue cycle. They will also be inspired about this great step toward a fulfilling career. ​

    ​What the training includes:​

    • Personal stories from the trenches​
    • Interactive modules on how to read an insurance card, handle money, and use calculators (advanced trainees can test out of these modules)​
    • The how and the why of scheduling, dealing with difficult patients and physicians, handling vendors and payers, emotional intelligence and more​
    • The training is hosted by Taya Gordon, who shares her story of building an incredible career from the front office​

    Ed Plus also includes Compliance Training!

    In addition to front office and customer service training, you'll get all the compliance training your staff needs. You will be able to track your trainees’ progress and you will not pay per seat or manage licenses. ​

    Ed Plus is the easy-button on staff training, and it’s extremely cost-effective. Courses include:​

    • It All Starts Here: Front Office Mastery
    • An Overview of Culturally Competent Care ​
    • Controlling Healthcare Workplace Violence​
    • Dealing With Disruptive Patients​
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Healthcare Workplace​
    • Employment Law for Medical Practices​
    • Establishing and Maintaining a Healthcare Compliance Program​
    • Healthcare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse​
    • HIPAA Essentials for Medical Practices​
    • Keeping Up With Revenue Cycle Compliance​
    • Lean Leadership​
    • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard​
    • OSHA for Medical Practices​
    • Revenue Cycle Compliance and Fraud​
    • Safety First: Keeping Your Workplace Safe​
    • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    Ed Plus is intended for organizational purchases. If you are interested in purchasing Ed Plus as an individual, click here.

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