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    Effective project management skills are essential for healthcare administrative leaders as they navigate the complexities of ambulatory care settings. Practice leaders must possess the ability to oversee multiple projects simultaneously, allocate resources effectively and ensure timely delivery of services. Moreover, they need to adapt to regulatory shifts, technological advancements and patient needs, all while upholding organizational goals. With strong project management (PM) skills, medical practice leaders can prioritize tasks, mitigate risks and drive initiatives forward, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and better patient outcomes.

    Standardized PM tools offer a structured framework for planning, executing and monitoring projects, allowing teams to stay organized and focused on key objectives. By adopting these tools, healthcare administrative leaders can streamline workflows, facilitate collaboration among interdisciplinary teams and improve communication channels. Real-time updates and centralized project documentation enable stakeholders to track progress, identify bottlenecks and make informed decisions promptly. As a result, medical group practices and health systems can enhance their agility, optimize resource utilization and deliver more efficient and effective healthcare services to their communities.

    Project charter

    A project charter to help launch your next initiative as a healthcare leader

    Implementing a project charter at the start of a new project is critical for healthcare managers and administrators for several reasons. The project charter can serve as a foundational document that helps define the project's scope, objectives and stakeholders.

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    Project management: Team roster

    Start with a team roster and communication plan for project management success

    Access our member-benefit team roster template and video tutorial to help boost project management within your healthcare organization.

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    Using a Gemba board boosts transparency and engagement in project management

    Download our member-benefit Gemba board template to help organize your next project and keep team members updated regularly.

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    Priority Decision Matrix

    Simplify they way you prioritize complex and competing projects in your practice with a priority matrix tool.

    Member Tool

    Each of these tools include a video explainer to help MGMA members understand their utility in project management, as well as a few example use cases. For a deeper exploration of topics within project management for healthcare leaders, the following MGMA resources have been developed to aid your understanding of these concepts and their implementation, as well as tips for personal time management.

    MGMA Stat - 41% of medical group leaders say finance/RCM will be their biggest project in 2024.

    Finance, staffing projects top medical group leaders’ list of 2024 resolutions

    Financial stability and staff rebuilding are top projects for medical group leaders in their 2024 resolutions.

    MGMA Stat

    Effective meetings: Building alignment, accountability and trust in your practice

    Effective meetings build alignment, accountability and trust. But before scheduling one, consider whether the meeting is necessary and how you can be an effective facilitator.

    Insight Article

    Time management and efficiency tips to boost medical practices and their leaders

    Discover tips for your personal, everyday time management skills and personal efficiency to help lead your medical group’s team and projects to success.

    Insight Article

    Priority Matrix — a tool for complex decision-making and strategic planning

    A Priority Matrix is a simple and effective way to prioritize complex and competing projects.

    Insight Article
    man manipulating a roadmap with the caption strategic planning

    Objectives and obstacles in strategic planning meetings

    Will Latham, MBA, president, Latham Consulting Group, explores key considerations in organizing strategic planning meetings.

    Insight Article

    Test of time: Harvard study reveals how CEOs spend their days, on and off work

    A study of CEOs by Harvard Business School yields numerous insights that can be used by members of the healthcare C-suite.

    Insight Article

    For an even deeper dive into this topic, we recommend the ACMPE Certificate Program, "Project Management and Strategic Planning," an on-demand, 3.5-hour educational program. 

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