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    Know exactly what it’ll take to attract and keep the right talent.

    Get the insights you need for competitive management and staff packages. 

    Turnover is easily one of the most prominent issues in medical group management, and constantly searching for the right people is often a time-consuming, costly process. 

    The MGMA Management and Staff Compensation data set analyzes every aspect of a potential hire's characteristics and how it translates to compensation. With its focused insights, you can be confident that your offers and packages will let you attract and retain the talent that fits your practice and your patient needs. 

    You will also get effective, data-driven insights to help you build a healthy nucleus for your organization by empowering everyone and everything surrounding it, including organizational performance. 

    The data encompasses more than 157,000 healthcare professionals in 2,500 groups who occupy a variety of management and staff positions that are critical to daily success. It's highly detailed data that you can filter by region and state, by academic non-academic setting impacts, by how education and certifications influence compensation, and more to deliver detailed insights that are directly comparable to your practice. 

    Find answers to these common questions: 

    • How does an academic vs. non-academic setting impact recruitment? 
    • What is the relationship between benefits and total compensation? 
    • How does certification influence compensation? 

    View the Management and Staff Compensation Guide

    Filter the data to benchmark your practice

    So you can make a proper apples-to-apples comparison, the Management and Staff Compensation data set is highly filterable around a number of important considerations. 

    Start with popular benchmarking metrics, including: 

    • Total compensation
    • Hourly rate compensation for staff positions
    • Bonus incentive
    • Retirement benefits
    • Paid time off

    Delver even deeper with practice-specific filtering such as: 

    • Region
    • Ownership
    • Possible certifications held by staff
    • Formal education level
    • Size of practice
    • Benefits compensation relationship 
    • Years of experience 

    For even greater insights, access our Research & Analysis reports

    Go beyond the data and dive into an expert, in-depth analysis of today's issues in healthcare. These reports will further empower you to make the best decisions for your organization. 

    See DataDive Management and Staff Compensation in action

    This only scratches the surface of the potential insights this powerful data set can provide. To get the full picture that includes a complete list of benchmarks and filters, fill out the form to the right, and a DataDive expert will reach out to walk you through our demo. 

    About MGMA DataDive

    MGMA DataDive is an industry-wide data set that includes thousands of metrics that you can use to benchmark almost any area of your practice. This is healthcare's most reliable benchmarking resource, and it's helped professionals and practices of all sizes determine how they stack up in the marketplace. Pick your data set to pinpoint success and uncover opportunities using detailed filtering to generate side-by-side comparisons of your practice's performance vs. your regional and national industry peers. 

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