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    Group practice management is unique, and the profession’s nuances make it unlike any other. That’s why the Body of Knowledge (BOK) for Medical Practice Management is so essential to success. It serves as a repository of industry knowledge, a guide to practice management, an assessment of competency and a learning tool.

    Every profession possesses a body of knowledge representing the sum total of information about that profession. Every book that’s written, every article published, every change in legislation – they all add to the body of knowledge. A formal, documented body of knowledge undergoes a continuous, rigorous review and validation by members of that profession. It’s one way for professionals to establish their claim to an expertise that deserves recognition. Its contents are based on extensive studies by ACMPE, which engaged hundreds of group practice management professionals to identify and validate the role of the medical practice executive and the knowledge and skills required for competent performance.

    The BOK also serves as the exam blueprint for MGMA members who are pursuing offerings through the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE), the certifying body of MGMA.

    Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management Domains and Exam Percentages
    • Operations Management: 25%
    • Financial Management: 25%
    • Human Resource Management: 15%
    • Risk and Compliance Management: 12%
    • Transformative Healthcare Delivery: 13%
    • Organizational Governance: 10%

    The BOK Domains

    See what it takes to become a successful medical practice executive — select a domain to see the performance objectives the BOK can put you on track to master.

    Financial Management

    Performance objectives to sucessfully maintain financial systems to ensure a profitable practice.

    Learn More
    Human Resource Management

    Performance objectives to better utilize human resources to achieve & enhance organizational performance.

    Learn More
    Organizational Governance

    Performance objectives to ensure effective governance and leadership through policies & strategic direction.

    Learn More
    Operations Management

    Performance objectives for building an effective business plan and managing daily operations.

    Learn More
    Transformative Healthcare Delivery

    Performance objectives to adapt to the evolving payment and health IT landscape.

    Learn More
    Risk and Compliance Management

    Performance objectives for protecting organizations from medical malpractice and adverse legal events.

    Learn More

    Body of Knowledge Review Series Books and Packages

    Individual Domain-Based BOK Review Books

    Body of Knowledge Review Series

    BOK Study Resource Packages

    ACMPE Certification Package

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    BOK Updates

    The medical practice management profession has always and will continue to evolve and change. To ensure that board certification continues to be the most effective, and contemporary assessment of skills and abilities, the ACMPE exam blueprint has been updated. 

    Psychometric standards dictate that the content standards for the exam be determined by conducting a Job Analysis Survey. This study uses healthcare administrator professionals to identify and prioritize the critical tasks of a profession. This data was then used to calculate the relative proportions of each subject area, or domain, and reviewed and compiled by subject matter experts.  

    While the exam content will contain common information, the organization of the information and the level of emphasis will change, as well as added areas of study and more concise tasks.  

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