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    Connect, Learn, and Volunteer

    The MGMA community is the place to connect with peers, learn from experienced professionals, and join the discussion. 

    It's a great resource for everything in your healthcare career, and it's exclusively for MGMA members.

    The MGMA Member Community is designed to be a virtual (online) meeting place for MGMA and ACMPE members. The Member Community provides a place for you and your colleagues to interact and collaborate on shared common interests, medical specialty practices, administrative best practices, new state/federal policies, and more! 

    Here are just a few of the many benefits: 

    • Join the communities relevant to your own role in healthcare and learn from other professionals facing the same challenges that you encounter every day.
    • Get advice from seasoned mentors including both community members and the MGMA team.
    • Participate in study groups and learn about volunteer opportunities. 
    • Read articles and resources in the Community Library.
    • Stay on top of regulatory proposals and news from our Government Affairs team.
    • Get regular updates of new posts in your favorite discussion groups so you don't miss a thing.


    Sample post from the MGMA Community

    On the MGMA Member Community, you can ask questions of your peers and share your own knowledge with the group. 

    Already a member? Get started now. 

    Log in with the same credentials you use here on the MGMA website.
    Click here to get started 

    Login Assistance: If you're a member, but you haven’t created a new password for since February 2018, please contact the Service Center at 877-275-6462 ext. 1888 for help.

    Not yet a member? Join MGMA now and join the discussion! 

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