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    Explore MGMA's Healthcare Data Offerings

    Make informed decisions for your practice through insights and benchmarks from industry-leading data analysis, reports, surveys and so much more.

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    DataDive Survey Participation

    Join thousands of healthcare professionals in contributing your data to MGMA DataDive Surveys. Learn how to participate, get access to resources and see how you can benefit from sharing your data.

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    MGMA DataDive is an online-based platform with thousands of metrics allowing you to see the best in your organization or areas for improvement. No matter your organization's size, MGMA DataDive's benchmarks and filters show how you compare to regional or national competitors' KPIs like provider/staff compensation, operations, costs and revenue.

    Join MGMA Stat Polls

    MGMA Stat

    MGMA Stat is a weekly polling program, with over 4,000 participants. Joining the MGMA Stat panel is an easy way to keep a pulse on what your peers are doing in the medical practice industry.

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    MGMA Analytics

    MGMA Analytics is a comprehensive healthcare data analysis platform that provides insights and actionable intelligence for healthcare organizations. See how predictive analytics can benefit your organization's bottom line.

    Data Resources and Tools

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    Data Tools

    Ensure you are getting the most from your healthcare data with our helpful tools, calculators and more.

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    Data Reports

    MGMA's data reports detail themes found in our industry-leading MGMA DataDive data sets, highlighting frontline challenges in medical groups while offering prescriptive insights to help you move forward.

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    Industry Data Stories

    Read today's leading industry data challenges and solutions while getting real-world intel on numerous healthcare data-related topics, including government programs, business strategies, financial management, HR, risk and compliance, operations, patient experiences, revenue cycles, and healthcare information technology. 

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    Data Support
    Data Support

    Need additional support? Contact our data experts and they will guide you in the right direction. 

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    Ask MGMA
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